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Alive To Change Coach, Kirstin Barton

Invincibility for Mums Abroad A warm welcome to Alive to Change! I’m Kirstin Barton, a positive and practical Coach working especially with women in transition and Mums abroad, in and out of the workplace. I offer coaching services and workshops which enable you to powerfully connect with what is most important to you, to uncover what is getting in the way right now, and to move forward in the direction you choose. Can you imagine having a Coach by your side right now?  

  • Life as a Mum Abroad

    Raising your family abroad brings new challenges and different choices, especially if you’re also juggling work commitments. Curious as to how coaching can help?

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  • Change at Work

    Is something changing at work and you need to sharpen your skills, adapt your approach and/or feel more confident? Let’s talk about how coaching can help!

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  • Life Transitions

    Coaching can make a big difference to how you experience the transitions in your life, especially Relocation. Are you ready to transform your transition?

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